Cash For Cans
Open 10:00 -6:00 M-F   9:00 - 5:00 Sat
We pay you 5 cents and count them all!

For information and directions To Any Of 
Our Nine Locations click on the location below.

East Aurora Depew Tonawanda Lackawanna West Seneca   Cheektowaga  Lancaster
You don't have to touch them.
We take just about everything
Save time. We're fast, Very fast!
We don't break down.
Drive up to the door.
No limits on number of returns.
Machines kick some brands back.
You Don't have to wait for a machine.
Machine gets full or breaks down.
You never get a close parking spot.
They shut you down after 240 returns.
Yuck You get sticky and stinky!
Don't stand in line to return 
your cans and bottles.
Don't stand in line to get paid.
Try us once and you will 
never return you bottles and 
cans to the supermarket again.
To speed things up for everyone:

Separate your Plastic, Cans, and Glass Bottles.
Do not put your glass in plastic bags. They bang together and break.
Please use large plastic bags. Ten small bags take longer to open
than one large bag. Please! No garbage or bugs.
If you need large bags or boxes for glass we will provide you with them.

No limit on your returnable cans, 
plastic and bottles.

We ask that you follow the rules on the left.
Large quantities may have to put them in the back
 to be sorted later. If you bring in large amounts frequently or are in a hurry, ask to becoming an express customer.
Thanks For your Business

Did You Know

You can donate your bottles and cans 
to the charity of your choice.

Each weeks we feature a different organization.
Sign up your favorite non profit organization.

Important Notice

You don't have to return bottles and cans where you buy them.
You don't have to deal with any limits on the number of cans and bottles you returned. You don't have to take cans and bottles back to different stores.
You don't have wait for machines or wait in line to be paid. 

Local Business Beats Tops & Wegmans
Cash for Cans wins in customer satisfaction survey.  Here what people are saying.

Natalie B.
I'm never putting
 my cans in a machine again.

Bob R.
I was in & out in no
time. Great service!

Pam D.
I'll never go to the
supermarket again for returns!

Robin L.
I love it I don't
get all sticky.

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